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“To attain the best result for the customer, employ the best artwork”

When transferring artwork from computer to film, the highest quality is derived only from vector-based programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

The preferred format for artwork originated in Adobe Illustrator for PC is version CS4 or earlier in which type has been converted to outlines, whereas Corel Draw for PC, version 12 or earlier, should have all type converted to curves. If outlines or curves are not used to convert text, then all font files must be included with the artwork.

For best results, all graphic files should be saved in the vector EPS format (or Adobe Illustrator AI format). Images can be either embedded or supplied separately. If spot colours are used, then they should be identified using the Pantone PMS (Coated) system.

PDF files may be used (depending on the originating artwork), but, in this case, image files must be provided at a minimum of 300 dpi. Such files will be tested for suitability on receipt.

BMP, TIFF or JPEG files may sometimes be satisfactory depending on quality. However, they can only be accepted for single-colour output. The minimum required resolution is 300 dpi and the files need to be saved at twice the print output size.

The quality of graphic files contained in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Power Point or any other Office-based program is not adequate for the production of finished artwork and redraw fees would apply to any files supplied in these formats.