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Our industry along with many others have been impacted by COVID – 19, therefore we have introduced a new product category being our Anti-Bacterial range of products which is designed to help fight the spread of viruses and germs.

As business and society begin to re-open during and post COVID – 19 essential anti-bacterial products form the first line of defence in combating viruses and germs.

All of our products are produced from reputable factories that can provide documents and certification certificates (where applicable) such as TGA, FDA, and Safety Data Sheets.

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In adapting to these uncertain times we have introduced a range of Anti-Bacterial products which consist of:

  • Disposable Gloves – This is a product that is used once and then thrown away to prevent germs and infections from spreading to you and other people.
  • Branded Face Masks – We have an extensive range of disposable or reusable face masks to combat the spread of germs which can be branded with your corporate logo.
  • Hand Sanitiser – a clock for the desk, letter openers and pads, jotters and luggage tags, card cases and holders, travel wallets and other gifts an executive would be so pleased to receive
  • Sanitiser Dispensers – Are the perfect solution for hand hygiene at school, home, office or workshop. It can kill 99.9% of germs without the use of water along with preventing the transfer of germs.
  • Social Distancing Decals – Signage to assist in keeping us all safe in environments where large crowds are gathered to assist in preventing the spread of germs.
  • Thermometers – Our high tech thermometers are state of the art which provide a non-intrusive way of taking someone’s temperature reading.
  • Wipes & Tissues – Staying safe and clean is vital in our current environment, that’s why our wipes and tissues are an effective way wipe and clean away unwanted germs.

As a proud Australian company with over 25 years in business we can also offer custom made Australian anti-bacterial solutions, such as Face Masks and Hand Sanitisers. Most of our anti-bacterial range can also be branded with corporate logos if required to reinforce your company’s commitment in the fight against COVID – 19.

Our team will discuss your aims, specifications and budget, happily make customised suggestions – and all without any obligation from you.

Phone us on 1300 799 044. Or you can use the Online Enquiry Form to have us call you back.

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