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Face Masks

Branded Face Masks

Branded face masks are no simple freebies to give to loyal patrons and potential customers alike. Giving away this wearable protection will tell consumers how your company cares about public safety and this gets you instant points in the corporate social responsibility department! Why should your company give away one, you ask?

Reusable face masks are the only thing standing between you and viruses and germs. And the thing about these unseen threats is that you would neither know where they lurk nor when they strike.

Sure, you can do all you can to stay in tip-top shape—observe a healthy diet, do daily exercise, get quality sleep—but these won’t guarantee immunity against common and seasonal respiratory illnesses. Because your life won’t and shouldn’t stop when you come down with the flu, wear a comfy face mask made from 100% cotton!

Don’t just wear any kind of face protection, though. Put on one that truly protects you from invisible threats. With our antibacterial masks, you can be safer as you go out and about. They’re water-repellent and offer high airflow, too. That means you will be better protected when someone coughs or sneezes in your vicinity while not making it harder for you to breathe.

Promotional Reusable Face Masks

Our Promotional reusable face masks are exclusively customised for your brand, you can have the masks double as a promotional asset! Just send us your logo and Apparel Corporation will personalise the adjustable face wear just for your organisation. Distribute them among your staff and they’ll feel your compassion, boosting their morale, and working even harder to meet your business goals.


Reusable branded face mask with your logo

Our reusable face masks are the perfect solution to keep you safe whilst at school, work, or going about your daily business.

Mask material has been treated with DM-3015N technology that kills 99% of bacteria.

Water Repellent
Outer repels water to prevent pathogen penetration.

High Airflow
Multilayered polyester outer for breath ability.

Double Layer 100% Cotton
Lining for comfort on the skin.

Ear toggles for a comfortable fit.

Just send us your logo and let our graphics department come up with a custom-designed face mask that will promote your brand in this current environment.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

We source and custom make to your brief and budget requirements.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

We source and custom make to your brief and budget requirements.

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