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A terrific way to have your message toted around!

To tote as a verb was first used in the sixteenth century and simply means to carry; what western doesn’t have gun-toting baddies! But, in product terms, a tote is simply a large unfastened and sturdy bag – one with lots of space for valuable important promotional messages on one or both sides! The idea is well over a century old, but the real start was a 1040s craze for them in the United States. Today they’re extremely popular items, and can be seen in regular use virtually everywhere.

Browse our tote-ally awesome bag choice

No more puns – we promise! Our team have gathered a superb collection of more than twenty styles, sizes and colours of these great carriers, an essential accessory for so many as they lead their busy lives. We offer a 100% recycled example, and that’s an important factor for a lot of folk. Our tote bags are made of top quality materials, from 600 Denier Nylon or Polyester, through Polypropylene, to the much-loved 10oz Cotton Canvas finish with thoroughly durable handles. You’ll find zip-close compartments, insulated interiors, some are showerproof and others offer shoulder carry strap options. Another model quickly transforms into a backpack when required – even more places and pairs of eyes to see it then! You might go for our shopping bag choice – useful for a different audience. Some would be terrific for conference or meeting promotion, as they include pens loops, ID pocket, drink holders and more.

In terms of colour, we expect you to find the shade that matches your unique message. If you don’t see it, call us; we always aim to find an answer. Colours range from midnight black to high summer blue, picturesque pink to magnificent marron – and many other terrific pairings. Each adds style to these terrifically useful products.

Where and how does your promotional message need to be seen?

These are two of the many questions our experienced Apparel Corporation team are likely to ask as we strive to make sure we can match your product choices and budget to the information you want to get out there. Whether you require customised printed artwork or a slogan, or your company or organisational logo, we’ll work with you to make sure the impact you wish to make is as high-quality and long-lasting as you’d want it to be. That’s what 25 years and more of such experience brings to your promotional project! And all such advice is always obligation-free on your part.

Added to this is the value promise of our Price Match Guarantee and free shipping for orders over $1000 to metro Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. So, it’s surely time to get in touch…

Reaching our Apparel Corp team

Instant online conversations, at any time, start as soon as you use our Chat Box. Personal telephone conversations begin when you dial 1300 799 044. Information exchange can kick off if you take a couple of moments to provide key details via our Online Enquiry Form.

Whichever way you choose to get in touch, we’re always eager to help with your choice of promotional, branded or embroidered tote bags…

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Can't find what you're looking for?

We source and custom make to your brief and budget requirements.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

We source and custom make to your brief and budget requirements.

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