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Making sure you’re always noticed by the public

There are lots of names out there for the humble backpack – sometimes they’re knapsacks, at others bookbags, sometimes a rucksack or even a sackpack! Nowadays, it can seem that the whole world is wearing them. From hikers to students, business folk to sporting types, this piece of equipment is an increasingly essential part of their lives. Packs like these do seem to have been a fairly recent phenomenon. However, one similar item was reported to have been found beside the mummified remains of an Egyptian who lived over five thousand years ago!

And they’re surely a great way to reach your target audience! Apart from the people actually wearing them. how often are you walking behind people wearing their backpack? Or so noticeable when beside them when sitting on benches, walls, grass banks, beaches – in fact almost anywhere. Kids use them for school, adults for work and play – they’re such a great and easy way to take what you need with you whenever you’re out and about.

Which type of promotional backpack can promote your business or organisation?

There are so many great choices – in fact, here at Apparel Corporation, we have more than fifty choices for you to browse. Each of them is adaptable to fit virtually any back to provide secure carrying for whatever needs to be taken. Form large main compartments with double zippered closing to a wide drawstring closed Tycoon style, the possibilities are so great. 

People might go for the single strapped slingpack or appreciate some extra back padding. A good Vibe, literally because that’s what it’s called, offers a laptop or tablet holder in its main compartment, a front zipped pocket and many other terrific features. Some packs offer a really useful carry handle as well as strong shoulder straps. Others which might be used in less light even offer reflective pulls. 

What about a side mesh pocket as a handy home for that drinking bottle? We could go on, but it’s probably best just to browse for yourself right through our terrific range of vibrantly coloured backpacks across a range of sizes. 

Adding your embroidered or printed branding to such constantly useful products.

You know that offering these as promotional items – or for use by your own people – means that you have constant promotional opportunities. To discuss how best to present your message, our ever-helpful team here at Australian owned and operated Apparel Corp are ready to offer our obligation free expertise. We’ll also talk about our superb Price Match Guarantee and let you know that for orders of over $1000 to metro Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, shipping is free! 

Discuss your back or knapsack branding now!

Our Chat Box facility offers immediate online connection to an actual human person 24/7. You can also call us at 1300 799 044. Or, if you provide details through our Online Enquiry Form we’ll soon be in touch. As the human race are pack animals, that’s how we’ll help you reach them…

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Can't find what you're looking for?

We source and custom make to your brief and budget requirements.

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