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Promotional Caps are the perfect advertising for your company especially at outdoor sports events or corporate functions. Our range is extensive and includes promotional hats, promotional caps, beanies and promotional visors.

Frank Sinatra once advised his audience to ‘Cock your hat – angles are attitudes’. It’s true! People love to wear hats, perhaps for protection from the elements, whether dazzling sunshine, or, even in Australia, winter chills! Or often simply for fun because folk like to be seen in them; perhaps they feel hats make a statements about who they are, and their attitudes to life, or to show loyalty to a company, team or cause. Or simply reflecting how they live their lives and spend their time.

Branded Caps

Branded caps are well loved, often-worn, always-noticed. Branded caps be they embroidered caps or printed will keep you in the public eye. This is why branded caps, beanies, hats and visors make such terrific promotional devices They are a superb way to make sure you company or organisation’s logo is visible in your marketplace or catchment area. How often do you ever see a baseball cap, for example, without the manufacturer’s – or another – logo standing proud?

You might be using them to bond a sports or identify a work team, either members or supporters, promote a specific event or occasion – maybe helping attendees, or your own team of event helpers, to standout from the crowd. Remember, also, that people are likely still to be affectionately wearing them long after the moment has passed. To our wealth of alternatives, designs and colour choices – or one custom manufactured to exactly meet your specific needs and budget – we can add the branded or embroidered artwork that makes them uniquely identified to your company, organisation, institution, team or cause.

Offering a wealth of superb promotional headgear options. How, where and to whom you are aiming your promotional hat will influence your choice of specific headwear. Here is a brief guide to the great option when you browse our extensive Apparel Corp collection, all available in a wide range of sizes…

  • Beanies – keeping warm for some, looking cool for many, our range of single colour, reflective trimmed, or two-tone beanies, occasionally with ear flaps, will fit the bill. Plus, we’ve added terrific accessories such as gloves, scarves and even neck warmers
  • Caps – perhaps the most used piece of headwear around the world, and across Australia. You’ll find more than 100 different possibilities, offering a huge range of durable and stylish finishes, and so many more colours and hues here. From standard to long peak, military-style to legionnaire – and you can even try to spot our camouflage options!
  • Hats – from our always popular bucket designs to a sparky trilby, waterproof to surf rope and toggle styles, slouch to schoolkids, ladies to cowboys – there are head-toppers to suit all audiences, events and occasions!
  • Visors – an increasingly popular way to protect eyes from the glare of the sun, or focus on the work at hand – our visors are a terrific way to be noticed in a range of working or leisure environments

Making choices and discussing options for your promotional heads-ups

How can we help? Apparel Corporation has been a market leader in branded business and leisure wear for more than a quarter of a century – and currently offer more than 10,000 products. All that expertise means our advice is always obligation-free. We have learned that it’s best to ask questions and listen, rather than simply describe products. So, we’re happy to spend time finding out about your business or organisation, and the promotional needs you are looking to fulfil.

Printed Caps

Printed Caps by Apparel Corporation will help your company stand out. All of our custom printed caps are created to the highest possible quality of printing. Embroidered caps are also a high quality option where every stitch is tensioned, and the embroidery quality is as smooth and ripple-free as possible.

We’ll also understand that you are on a budget. Our Price Match Guarantee ensures you receive great value. If we don’t currently provide exactly what you want (this does occasionally happen) then we’ll talk about custom-manufacturing just what it is you do need to cover the heads of your audience. And for deliveries in metro Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, your orders for over $1000 will be shipped for free.

Time to talk? We’re ready to listen!

To get in touch grab a phone and call us. Some customers like to put some thoughts and information in our hands first. If that’s you, use our Online Enquiry Form to tell us what we need to know or ask what you want to. We’ll quickly call you back. As a certain cartoon bunny certainly never said: ‘Hat’s all folks! We look forward to hearing from you.

Get in touch today for an obligation free discussion. Our friendly team will source the right promotional cap at the most competitive prices.

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