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Hi Vis Clothing,

Printed Hi Vis Workwear

, Embroidered Hi Vis Workwear

High Visibility Workwear that are displayed on our website are specifically selected to reinforce your image and brand as a safety garment.

Apparel Corporation helps its client’s meet the ever-changing market demands for quality high visibility garments and to help companies enhance their image, competitiveness and productivity.

Our staff are talented and creative experts in their respective fields – men and women who combine analytical and market-oriented thinking with creative flair and professional execution – from concept design to final product.

Choose Apparel Corporation and you will be guaranteed piece of mind across all the aspects of a purchasing decision that matter to you, experience, service and competitive pricing.

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Branded Hi Vis Workwears

, Printed Hi Vis Workwear,

Embroidered Hi Vis Workwear

How to be seen – and recognised – with branded work gear

In a wide variety of work locations, both indoors and outside, whether open to the public or more private, it’s vital for their safety – and that of others – that your staff be clearly seen and quickly identified. They might be part of a construction site, busy being a key part of other public works projects, or working as part of a team in a manufacturing or factory setting. They might have a key role in a retail or other commercial enterprise.

One thing all of these possibilities, and many others, have in common, is a need to stand out from the crowd. This might be for obvious safety reasons; it could equally be for identification where they are part of a team controlling a public or invitation-only event.

Choosing outstanding and stand-out embroidered Hi Vis workwear

Standing out is a key benefit gained from all of our wide range of high visibility clothing. As you browse our various Apparel Corporation H-V products areas, you’ll find the vast majority use the expected stand-out colours of lime and orange. These are what the public expect to see, which subconsciously helps with that vital swift identification. To these base colours we might add darker panels of blue, red, pink and other colours to deliver work garments with an element of style. Many of our products also add reflective strips for even greater visibility, especially in conditions or locations where the light might not be at its best.

Noticed or simply seen: do you make the most of your workwear?

We know that the first task of high visibility work clothes is to be seen. But, at the same time, you’ll want your company or organisation to be noticed. This means that those who see your people hard at work will know who they work for, helping to build important brand recognition.

Our experienced team are ready to help you achieve this aim. We can skillfully deliver embroidered or printed promotional additions to your choice of these already noticeable work clothes. This might range from a subtle logo on a jacket, to a much bolder message on a tee shirt.

If you’d like to enjoy the increased visibility element being added to your work clothing choices, simply contact our team for obligation-free advice and suggestions.

Choosing from our wide range of brandable working gear

We know there are a wide range of different locations, environments and conditions where visibility is vital. Which of these is great products is key for your operation:

  • Heavy duty jackets protect your team in all ways, including from our occasionally fickle Australian climate, when working outside
  • Our range of jumpers offer excellent protection, both outdoors and inside, and allow great freedom of movement as your people work
  • Meet your need for head to toe visibility by adding our Hi Vis work trousers to your other clothing choices
  • Polo shirts are a great way for your team to be quickly noticed; both for outside events on sunny days, and for a wide range of inside locations
  • Our other top visibility work shirts add style and function that catch people’s eyes in more ways than one
  • Visibly outstanding T shirts offer a less formal way of making sure your people are seen; also a great choice for promotional giveaways
  • Invest in vests for great cover matched to maximum moveability as your staff set to work

Why contact Apparel Corp?

For more than a quarter of a century, the team in our Australian owned and operated business has listened carefully to so many businesses and organisations. Our total commitment is to find out exactly what you need and then deliver custom crafted promotional H-V work products, manufactured to the highest of standards and using the best of proven materials. We know that value is also vital: ask about our famed Price Match Guarantee. For the metro areas of Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne, we also offer free shipping when your order totals more than just one thousand dollars.

How to quickly contact our team

You might choose our superb real time Chat Box facility, where someone is waiting to discuss your needs online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you want to talk, our phone number is 1300 799 044. If you’d like to provide some information, and then have us call you back to discuss it, try our easy-to-use Online Enquiry Form.

However you choose to be in touch, we’re looking forward to helping you make sure that both your people and your message are always highly visible…

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