Branded Cotton Face Mask

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Our Cotton Face Masks are 100% cotton offering you the greatest level of protection and comfort.

Comfort is what a cotton face mask is all about, but don’t let its simple design fool you. Wear one and you can better shield yourself from airborne threats you can’t see with the naked eye. This protective covering is an absolute necessity as you walk around the home, in school, around the neighbourhood, and within establishments.

Beyond protecting you from dust, smoke, and unsanitary droplets, a cotton face mask delivers comfort as no other masks can. You don’t have to worry about your face getting sweaty and itchy beneath the mask as cotton easily wicks away sweat and fluids. You can put on one and forget about it for the rest of the day.

Plus, a cotton mask can be washed every after use. Unlike its disposable cousins, you can throw this protective face cover in the washing machine, have it tumble-dried, and it’ll be ready for another day of keeping contagious viruses out!

Branded Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Branded Reusable Cotton Face Masks are the highest quality for your staff and serve to boost your brand’s awareness and social responsibility  

Never underestimate the impact branded reusable cotton face masks can have in your promotional efforts! At a time when making healthy choices is quickly turning into a lifestyle, branded masks can get your company riding this wave to business relevance!

With airborne contaminants ready to pounce on unwary victims at any time, branded reusable cotton face masks may be all that stands between your patrons and illnesses. By giving away such a practical piece of clothing, you can show you care about their well-being. Such a kind and lovely gesture will set your business apart from the competition.

Getting the attention (even appreciation) of health-conscious consumers isn’t all branded cotton face masks do, though. They’re easily recognisable since they are worn prominently on the face. Plus, they can wear them over and over again, ensuring your promotional freebie gets your business maximum exposure whenever your patrons are out and about!

Promotional Reusable Branded Cotton Face Masks

Promotional Reusable Branded Cotton Face masks are the best way to promote your brand at a time when cotton face masks are a requirement by law to be worn in public high population centres.

Beyond protecting your staff and customers, promotional reusable branded cotton face masks will open up an opportunity for your business to get market exposure. With viral infection becoming a factor in our everyday lives, masks have become a viable way to push your marketing campaign forward. 

The new norm encourages consumers to take extra precautions against airborne viruses and, in this light, distributing promotional reusable branded cotton face masks can be seen as an initiative geared toward fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities. But to ordinary consumers, the gesture will speak of your brand’s strong sense of civic duty. These simple promotional products surely helps leave a good impression on current and potential customers alike. 

At a time when solidarity is needed to battle public health crises on a global scale, your business can show its support through branded cotton masks. Not only do they protect your staff and patrons from viral threats, but they also get your company recognised as one of the unspoken heroes during such an extraordinary time.

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